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Having PowerShell in BlackArch container

3 minute read

Learn how to have PowerShell as part of the arsenal of tools in BlackArch Linux container for BlackArch or SecOps folks out there with this walkthrough.

Installing PowerShell in Kali Linux

3 minute read

A guide on installing PowerShell in Kali Linux for Security enthusiasts and how you simplify the installation using Microsoft public package repository.

Working with Git repository branches

5 minute read

Branches growing everywhere? Sharing my digital horticultural experience on how you can grow and prune those branches in a Git repository.

Working with secret in PowerShell

4 minute read

A guide on how to convert plain text String to SecureString and reverse the encrypted SecureString back to the original plain text String in PowerShell.

Welcome to Jekyll on GitHub Pages

4 minute read

My first attempt on getting a static blog site to blog in Markdown/HTML language with my trusty keyboard and follow this Getting Started with Jekyll on GitHu...